X45 TurboJet

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Keep in mind motors are not stocked and ordered once a new order is received. Lead times may vary depending on the motor.

Compact version.  Includes combined data terminal and connecting hub, light version has external GSU with a smaller hub

  • Power:  45N  - 10lb
  • Extremely low residual thrust:  1,8 N -0,4 lb
  • Exceptional  idle to full  thrust ratio of  25 times.
  • Max RPM: 225.000
  • Minimum RPM: 60.000
  • Diameter: 59,8 mm
  • Length: 165 mm
  • Engine weight: 395 g including mounting strap and FOD filter.
  • Installed weight: 484 g (includes Engine, Pump and leads. Not inclusive of battery.)
  • Fuel  Consumption: 20 g/min at idle.  145 g/min at full power.
  • Easily adjustable thrust output in Newton and in Lb from 1,8 N  to 45 N.
  • Kerosene and diesel fuel + 4% oil
  • Kero-start fast starting of 25 sec.
  • Inflight Restart technology. Typically half time than Normal Start.
  • Brushless fuel pump with integrated controller.
  • High speed Brushless starter motor.
  • All new Fully Integrated ecu.
  • Telemetry for Jeti, Futaba, HoTT, MPX, PB Core, Spektrum, JR and FrSky. (Optional module)
  • Fuel and FOD filters included.

Warranty: 2 years or 25h, whichever comes first. Warranty includes parts & labor, but does not include shipments back to US Dealer or factory in Spain and return.

Contact me if you have questions