X45H Heli

  • $2,960.00

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Keep in mind motors are not stocked and ordered once a new order is received. Lead times may vary but generally it has been about 3-6 weeks depending on the motor.

Gearbox size and output shaft compatible with the common OS90H engines. Very easy upgrade on Nitro helis like Trex700.  See gallery page for pictures and videos.


Powerful, Lightweight  & small

3kW (4 Hp) power output.  60mm diameter engine.  Weight 1150g


Full brushless starter and pump plus dedicated ecu including sensors for rotor speed and gearbox temperature.
Adjustable gear ratio divider to get real rotor rpm readings. 
Governor function to keep the head speed constant without any radio or mixes adjustment. Adjustable from 800 to 2500 rpm.
Protections for overspeed and sensor failures.

Contact me if you have questions