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  • Large graphic liquid-crystal display panel with three buttons, an easy set up turn-and-press jog-key for quick, easy setup.
  • All transmitters include both aircraft types with specialized programming for each.
  • Four electronic trim levers for rapid yet precise trim adjustment – no remembering to “store trims” between models, and no more “bumped trims” during transport.
  • Idle-down (acro), thr-cut (acro/heli) (engine shut off), setups to allow precise engine/motor control for taxi and landings.
  • 20 complete model memories.
  • New stick design with improved feel, adjustable length, and tension.
  • Two rates available by setting dual rates to 3-position switches.
  • Eight switches and dial; completely assignable in most applications.
  • Trainer system includes the “functional” setting, which allows the student to use the 8J’s mixing helicopter, and other programming functions even with a 4-channel buddy box. Optional trainer cord required.
  • Permanent memory storage via EEPROM with no backup battery to service or have fail.
  • 8J Air Version transmitter features airplane-friendly switch layout, with the trainer switch at the left hand (Mode 2), and a notched throttle to minimize throttle changes with rudder input. Default to Acro model type.
  • 8J Helicopter Version transmitter features helicopter-friendly switch layout, with idle-up and throttle hold switches at the left hand, and a smooth, ratchet-less (unsprung) throttle for perfect hovering. Defaults to Heli (H-1 swashplate type) model type.
  • Change transmitter mode from mode 2 to modes 1, 3, or 4.
  • The built-in antenna which puts the antenna within the transmitter case.
  • The diversity system which has 2 antennas in the inside of a transmitter.



  • -T8J Transmitter (Air Version includes ratcheting throttle, Helicopter Version includes smooth throttle)
  • -R2008SB Receiver
  • -Switch Harness
  • -Neck Strap


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