3X (3-Axis Flybarless System)

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The proven bavarianDEMON 3-axis sensor technology makes the 3X a superlative flybarless system. Equipped for absolutely precise control corrections of swash plate and tail. The 3X allows highly sophisticated 3D maneuvers in all flight conditions.

The bavarianDEMON 3X is compatible to any type and size of flybarless RC helicopter ranging from 250 sizes to large-scale helicopters, from electric and nitro to combustion and turbine-powered models. Furthermore, the 3X supports all common servo and  swashplate types, as well as virtual swash-plate rotation.

The combination of the latest sensor technology and intelligent software algorithms not only delivers a maximum in performance by the flybarless system but also increases the performance of your RC helicopter. Helicopter models without flybar are much more agile and maneuverable than flybared versions, and therefore benefit from an increased performance of approx. 15%. In addition, the fragile flybar mechanism does not need to be set up or adjusted.

  • The superior 3-axis gyro system: ideal for extreme 3D-maneuvers, and at the same time suitable for large scale helis. No limits !
  • Highly intelligent software algorithms, combined with high-class sensor technology
  • Gold plated board
  • Universally applicable, regardless of the model’s size type or weight
  • Supports all common servo and swashplate types