Controller for Electric Gear LGC-15

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Direct control of 3 motors in bidirectional mode up to 12 V/5 A. Supports the different motor shut-off control typescurrently available (time, overcurrent and encoder).

  • Dual control of electric brakes, full proportional, lineal and adjustable pulsed mode.
  • Differential brake mode, to steer the model using the brakes.
  • Steering servo processor. Gain, sense and center can be adjusted. The steering servo is centered during retraction.
  • Internal Gyro. It can be mixed with the steering servo output and mixed to the differential brakes.
  • 8 servo outputs for the control of the doors. The endpoints of each servo can be programmed individually. The Servo speed can be programmed independent in the two senses in 0,1 s resolution.
  • 10 step sequencer. The position of the gears and the position of the 8 doors can be defined independent in each step. Step duration resolution in 0,1 s steps.
  • Wide choice of RC inputs. Single RC channel, Dual RC channel, Futaba SBUS, UDI Bus, SRXL Bus, JR Mode A Bus, JETI EX Bus.
  • Programmable trough integrated color touchscreen.
  • uSD card slot to save the settings and upgrade the software.