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Nominal thrust: 100N at 152.000 RPM
Idle thrust: 4N
Idle RPM: 42,000
Diameter: 90mm (3.5”)
Engine weight: 985g (2.2lb)
Installed weight: 1,100g (2,4lb)
Fuel: Kerosene/Diesel + 3% – 5% oil
Fuel consumption: 280g/min
Start mode: Direct Kerosene

Our M100 is the engine of choice for the 2 meter class of sport models. 100N packed in a small, lightweight body.

The successful M100 engine was the first to receive our new electronic system.

Sensors and valves are installed inside the motor, simplifying installation.

Starter and fuel pump motors are brushless, an industry first, only in JetsMunt!

The engine has only one fuel input directly from the pump, and a 3-wire electrical connection to the ecu that carries the battery power and a bidirectional digital bus.

All measures and data from the engine are transmitted to the ecu in digital data format, using a high speed proprietary protocol specially developed for this application.

The bus design allow a distance up to 15 meters from engine to ecu while keeping the generated noise by the bus to a very low level to not affect other devices nor to be affected by them.

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