Mibo 1:4 Scale A-10 "Grande!"

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“As Real As It Gets”

The wait is over The Mibo “GRANDE” A-10 Warthog is here!

General Characteristics
Scale: 1:4
Length: 4,06 m
Wingspan: 4,38 m
Height: 1,1 m
Airfoil: NACA 6716 root, NACA 6713 tip
Dry weight: ~70 kg
Internal fuel capacity: 15 L
Powerplant: 2 × 250 to 300N engines

MIBO Team involved in project:
CAD and aerodynamic design: Tomaz Meze
Scale detailing: Michael and Markus Wurm.
Mould manufacturing and production: Bogo Stempihar and MIBO Team.
Prototype engineering and test flying: Mike Selby.

The model is completely CAD designed and all plugs were milled for high accuracy and later manually detailed to museum scale grade. No feature has been spared to make this as authentic as possible.
Materials used are high quality and certified for use in the aircraft industry. All parts are post cured to achieve maximum strength.
The internal structure is CNC cut and 100% made of Airex/ carbon fiber laminate with the same gel sheet epoxy resin as the skin and post cured in one step with the complete structure.
Landing gear is electric, and is scale in function and appearance. Gear and Doors are installed and tested.
The turbine installation package is installed including the tailpipes. Kevlar fuel cells (6,7 l each) and hopper tanks (1l ) are pre mounted. All flight controls are installed, Servo holders, pushrods and ball links are pre installed.
All standard scale details are provided including air scoops, antennas, pitot probe, flair dispensers, etc. No further building required.
Scale cockpit and operating canopy mechanism will be factory installed with no extra work charge.

We are offering an extra work package with servo and turbine installation including wiring and tubing.
According to customer wishes we can also provide a “Turn Key” model

The wait is over The Mibo “GRANDE” A-10 Warthog is here.