Mibo A-10 Warthog

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MIBOJETS A10 "WARTHOG" is now available as a 6th generation kit. In 2017 we made improvements in outline and detail and also engineering improvements to our previous kit. With some new building techniques and a complete redesign of the landing gear and a unique slide out turbine mount we reached our goal where the model can be built within a 20 kg dry weight which qualifies it for entry into the Jet World Masters.

We add scale options like Fowler flap system, new A-10 C version antennas and Decelerons which make our A-10 »Museum Scale« with outstanding flying characteristic even if is model equipped with »small« 100N range turbines. 

A factory building service in different stages is also available on customers demand. A-10 Warthog, Scale 1:5,8 Gen. 6 specification:Wingspan 3,00 m (118 inches)

Fuselage length 2,75 m (108 inches)

Wingarea 134 dm2 (2100 square inches)

“Dry” Weight from 19,8 kg and up depending on used engine, equipment and constructionTurbines 2 x 100N – 140N