SAAB J29A Tunnan

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The Mibo Jets J-29 Tunnan faithfully recreates the prototype aircraft at a scale of 4.8:1 which makes for an impressive sized model with a wing span of 2.291 meters and a fuselage length of 2.13 meters. The all up weight of the model is approximately 14 to 16 kilos depending on how it is fitted out. The model is designed to use 10 to 12 kg thrust turbines and has plenty of room for the installation of your engine and accessories. The Mibo Jets J-29 Tunnan incorporates a perfect scale outline with an excellent level of detail including panel lines, rivets and hatches. The model is fully composite construction using glass, airex and Kevlar sandwich made under vacuum. This allows for an extremely light yet rigid model. The kit is highly preassembled with formers and fittings installed. The kit is furnished complete with canopy, hardware, instructions and a construction photo CD ROM. Landing gear is available by separate order from MIBO, as are a number of accessories such as pylons and ordinance, with more under development. An unusual subject, and a great flying model, the MIBO J-29 will provide you with many enjoyable flights whether for serious scale competition or jet flying with your friends. Dare we say it’s a “barrel of fun”